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  • Start Date 14 Nov 2022
  • Handover 29 April 2022
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Scope of work

The project involved Graphic designers, UX-UI designers, illustrators and developers who combined their efforts to deliver a robust digital product

UX Designe

Keeping the target audience in mind the UX design was made very simple using the KISS principle.

UI Designe

The colors and illustrations were designed to suit the business following a component-based design system.


Citiskopes helps travelers plan personalized trips by populating activities based on their personality, current travel style, and destination with Artificial Intelligence.

Citiskopes helps you plan a trip without researching things-to-do with our AI powered itinerary builder. Citiskopes aims to understand your travel style, habits and desires to compile activities with little effort from you.

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Our Goal

We want to provide a platform for people to indulge in a culture from the perspective of a local.

Every culture differs from country to country, country to state/providence, state to state, and city to neighborhood.

We stand for exposing the “underworld” of the various locations both travelers and locals visit. After all, it's easy to visit an area and view the iconic of that region, but nothing means more than a unique experience when you get to do what the locals consider fun.

Therefore, to provide this experience we want to reduce the search for finding this local perspective. We want everyone to enjoy a raw, authentic experience they’ll never forget wherever they go.

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